Beginning of Vacation

So today begins the first day of 10 days of vacation. I haven't had vacation time since last November. I am really ready for some serious couch surfing and knitting. I was set to spend most of my day alone and get some knitting done and when I sat down to start I just didn't really want to sit around all by myself and knit so I packed it all in and headed up to the Naked Sheep Knit Shop. You guys from Portland, if you haven't been there, you should put it on your list. Cheri is the owner and just one of the nicest people you could meet. She knows her stuff and she is always willing to help (read the sign on the wall behind the counter before you ask for help-it will probably make you laugh). I spent about 6 hours up there on the couch with Riley (shop dog) and Cheri, we had some lunch and got some serious chatting done along with some knitting.

After working half way down the side of my hat (see yesterday's blog) I decided I didn't like the way it was going so I pulled it all out and started over. I have most of the top redone, but now I want to change to a provisional cast on so I can Kitchener the two sides to hide the seam on the top of the hat, so I am pulling it out again.

I also started a new scarf using Kureyon by Noro and I am alternating a neon multi-color yarn with a dark multi-color yarn with a weird "K2 YO K2tog" stitch and it is starting to look like Venetian blinds. It is not what I was wanting this project to look like, but I think it has become one of those blessings in disguise types of situations. The stitch design is so interesting and the color combo is so pretty that I am continuing on. I accidentally designed a new scarf and I truly love it. I will post pics when it is done.

As many of you know, I posted a Poll today about a nasty situation that I am dealing with. Last night at knit night, Miss Negative, Know-It-All, One-Upper lady found it necessary to pick on me. I couldn't say one thing or contribute to any conversation without her chiming in with some sort of nasty quip. I actively ignored her and turned my back on her more than 10 times during the course of the evening. It got so bad that I started testing her to see if I could string her along and work her like a puppet. "Lets see if I say this... will she react like this..." sort of deal, and wouldn't you know, she fell right into line. She had no idea I was playing her for an ass, but the purpose was just to test whether she was picking on me, or if she was just trying to get attention from the group. She was definitely picking on me. I am the nice guy sort and I work very hard to get along with everyone and this nasty bitch thought it ok to pic on me? Grrrrr! I almost lost it on her right at the end, but I really put the group first and didn't want to end the evening in an even worse funk because of who that woman is and how she REALLY needs to be handled. I did talk with the shop owner after everyone else had mostly gone and we were in a place where no one could here our discussion. It was the right thing to do. Cheri just validated my feeling and said "if you have to say something. you go right ahead" and I felt very supported by her. (said it before and I will say it again - Cheri and Brad rock) At this point there are so many people at knit night that are so completely frustrated by this woman and her blind negativity that I will be the one to end up saying something. I hope that I can hold it together and be smooth and adult about the whole situation, but I am a very sensitive and emotional man and when I get wound up, there is no telling where this Top will stop spinning. :) pun intended :) This is the only knit night that I go to and this woman is fairly new to the group and she is ruining it for everyone. I am feeling very protective at this point of the group. We all meet there for fun, laughter, decompression from normal life... it's like really great therapy for us all, and she is bringing down the house with negativity. I really appreciate all of the comments you guys put on my poll. It really does help so much. That Black Adder quote had me rolling on the floor when I read it. Laughter is always the best medicine.

Thanks guys, I feel your warmth.


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I hope you enjoy your vacation! I really want to take a few "dedicated" days and get some knitting projects done, as well. Not in the cards until January, though.

We, too, had some tense moments at a Friday night KTog last week. I was very proud of our LYS Owner for speaking up and asking the ladies that if they were going to continue in their negative vein, they would be asked to leave as others were uncomfortable and we all just wanted to enjoy our KTog. The ladies dropped it. Whatever their issue was remained just that - their issue.

I m sorry that this woman appeared to be making it "personal" and it sounds like you handled things rather diplomatically. Personally, I am not a diplomatic kind of guy. I would have confronted her directly. Sometimes bullies just need their behavior pointed out to them. I remain calm, non-judgmental, and observe behaviors or statements without added interpretation on my part - I ask them to give the "meaning". While some see this as aggressive on my part, I would disagree as it really is merely being assertive.

Sounds like your LYS is a great place that is worth fighting for!