Grey is the New Black

Start: 11th November 2008
Finish: 22nd November 2008
Needles: 5.5 mm Addi Turbos
Yarns: Lang Yarns "Cashmere Tweed"; 35% Cashmere, 65% Merino Extrafine
Pattern: "Inner Truth" Scarf by Laura Andersson, previously in the now defunct MagKnits

Yay! I finished my new Inner Truth Scarf in about ten days! That ought to set some kind of record for me!

Love, love, love the scarf (as I always do with my hand-knits). The yarn is scrunchily soft and scrumptiously yummy. The blend of extrafine merino and cashmere is perfect. The scarf is very light-weight (used 125 g) and it's very warm!

The yarn is plied quite loosely using a core-plying method. This means that if you hold the yarn too tightly while knitting, the thicker strands (which are wrapped around the thinner strand) could bunch up together. I had this problem when I started knitting with the yarn, but after a bit of adjustment, I got used to it.

It's funny, because I've finished a couple of hand-knit items in the last month...and most of them are grey (Morgan and Putting Down Roots). So I can pretty much colour co-ordinate. :-p And because of that, I'm declaring that Grey is the New Black! Yay!

Another positive side of having finished the scarf was that it was just in time for the start of Winter 2008/2009. The first snowfall in Munich started last night....and you can see from the picture that it has been snowing today.

I'm so happy about the snow, because first and foremost, I can bundle myself up in my hand-knits. Secondly, Munich didn't get a proper winter for the past two years. It was very mild and there was only a day or two of snowfall which didn't even stay on the ground afterward. However, it seems to be different this year and it looks as though we're in for a proper winter. Yay!

Anyway, I still have knitting groups to talk about, but I'll keep that for another time. This week had been pretty crazy for me...there was something to do everyday. Wednesday was the worst, since I had to go to Frankfurt am Main to deal with my military service in Thailand. Such a pointless thing, considering the fact that I have already made up my mind not ever to live in Thailand again and also that I have spent way more than half of my life outside of Thailand....I just don't see the point. Why can't they just let me be?! I'm a pacifist anyway, so I really don't want to go do this stupid military training at all....besides, having written this, I'm probably going to be convicted in Thailand for being a deserter now. :-p

Well, that's all I have for now. Wishing you all a great weekend! Bundle yourselves up in your hand-knits and keep yourselves warm!


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this is such a gorgeous scarf, and I think your right, I have been leaning more toward grey lately, and I thought maybe it was just that I was getting older and my goth side was taming :)

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Love the scarf, it looks great with your sweater and hat. I currently have this on the needles for Dennis' daughter only pink and purple. I like yours better. Hope everthing works out with the military ordeal.

PS You really need to submit your photo for the calendar project. Your knitting is, IMO, on par with Jared's (Brooklyn Tweed) and of course you are just adorable.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You did a great job and it matches the hat. Cashmere tweed is fabulous. My positive thoughts will be with you, military service is nothing bad if you want to be in it. When you don't want to be in it is a different story.

Do what you need to , honor your values. You know you have our thoguhts with you and come back soon!