Opinions wanted: Knitpicks harmony needles

My folks asked what I would like for X-mas, and I was thinking one of those interchangable cable needle sets. I don't usually knit on wood (I find it a little slow) but I have never knit on the harmony wood sets (vs their nickle plated sets). Has anyone here knit on either/both and could share his opinion?


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Knitted on the nickel plated ones and I love them. Allegedly not as good as Addi Turbo, but I can't get them here :-(

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Thank you for your feedback. Can't get Addi's there? I could send them to you in the mail if you really want. The LYS here all carry them.

Addi Turbos can be obtained from Kangaroo.uk.com. I think Celticove and Get Knitted also supply them. I got mine from Kangaroo and I love them.

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Like Knitmaniac says, you can get Addi Turbo needles at Get Knitted, in Bristol.

I've bought from them a couple of times. They dispatch quickly and even replaced an Options needle for me free when I had a problem.

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Love my Options nickel needles. Like them much better than Addi's since the Options cables are much more flexible. Have three pairs of the Harmony wood needles and haven't used them yet. Tried them once but didn't like them as well as the nickel plated with the yarn I was using at the time. My Options nickel needles are the only needles I use now.

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I agree with TomH...I love the nickel needles. While I still like the Addi tips (perhaps just a bit more tapered than the Knitpicks nickel) the cables on the Options sets are more flexible and don't retain the coil twist that always bugs me (I detest a needle cable with an attitude....). The join on the interchangable needle sets is quite smooth on the nickel tips - I did find the Harmony wood join to be a little more prone to snagging fine yarns (where the wood fits into the metal base....it's a difficult thing to manufacture a smooth transition, no doubt), but I tend to prefer the metal over the wood anyway. I'd definitely recommend......love'em.

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I almost exclusively knit on Bamboo... Crystal Palace... they have a smooth and fast finish... I steel-wool my needles anyway, and then rub them with paraffin to keep them nice and snag free...

I've mostly used 60" Addi Turbos for knitting Mobeii. I have an interchangeable circ. set, but almost never use them. I really do prefer DPN's.

I've only used the Harmony size #2 DPN's and the Harmony Cable needles... they're ok...

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I have the harmony wood interchangeables.

They. Are. AMAZING.

Get them or the nickel. I like the wood because lace doesn't slip off as easily.

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I've used the interchangables and the DPNs... ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! The joints on the interchangables are very smooth and the chords are soft and don't have that annoying twist that individual circs. seem to have.

The only problems I've had are (1) - I sat on a sz. 3 dpn and broke it... duh! had that problem with a bamboo too. and (2) I had a DPN break apart at one of the laminations on Wednesday -- the good part? I called them up and a (free) replacement has already been sent out.

They're lighter than metal (and have more "grab")... and, IMHO, a bit quicker than bamboo.

All in all... I'd recommend them in a minute. I LOVE them.

Grace and Peace,

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I have the Harmony cable set and love them. In fact, I just ordered the Harmony straight set and cannot wait to get them!! So, therefore, I HIGHLY recommend the Harmony sets. The joins are smooth and I have never had a problem with them coming apart. I also like bamboo needles, but it seems like after a while of using them, they tend to get dented and grooved around the tips. I have not had this as a problem with the Harmony set.


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Haven't knit on the wood set, but love my nickle Options. I'm just knitting a scarf on straight steel needles - the first time I've used them since buying my Options - and they feel really slow. I guess it's each to their own, but I'm definitely aa metal-over-wood sort of a guy.

Hope you decide what you'd like from your folks and that Santa brings them along in time for the big day.

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Oh, I have a million needles in straights and circ...It's just that I always seem to have whatever size I need currently embedded in knitting at the time, and it would be nice to have an interchangeable set available.

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I have the Harmony wood needles and I love them! I have heard that the nickel Options are very similar in feel to the Addi Turbos. Hope that you get the set that is best for you.


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Only just started knitting but I went to the Bristol shop, (Get Knitted) to look at wool and bought the starter set of Nickel points and two fixed nickel circulars instead. I have a project on my 4mm set and for some reason cast on a project on normal straight 6mm needles. With in 5 mins the new project had to come off the needles and go onto a set of the Knitpicks nickel 6mm. The Knit picks needles are so much better. They are so fast and smooth and comfy to hold in your hands. There is no long needle length to faff with. The wool just slides along the pins like butter on warm toast.

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I have the nickle plated KP Options.
I think the needles are fantastic but the cords are meh. The joins wear out quickly and they no longer seem to offer lengths shorter than 24".

I wouldn't use them at all on delicate fibers but for a sturdy wool, they are pretty good. If I were you, I'd order a set of their circulars and decide what you think. You'll get a chance to try out the needles cheaply. Just know that the interchangeable should be tightened every few hours to prevent run away cords. :)



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The re-tightening issue is easily solved. Get yourself one of those rubber jar lid opener pads. Use that to grip the needle while you use the little key to tighten. They remain tight and never come loose on you.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Since I got my Options I don't knit with anything else.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I have both the nickel and wood Knit Picks interchangables....ABSOLUTELY love both of them! I use them exclusively and have never had anything happen...although they've come undone a couple of times, which was a bit disatrous seeming at the time, but I learned a valuable lesson...I check the tightness periodically. I will use Mason's tip for using a grip to hold on to the needle while tightening.
Get both the wood and nickel plated...you will be very happy with the purchase.
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Great Topic: We had a huge pow wow on Thursday at Knit Night about these needles. Apparently, most of the long time knitters really loved them, since I do a lot of knitting in the round I am considering making the purchase. I bought my first pair of Addi Turbo last week to make a Moebius and LOVE I love them. I have been using the Bryspun plastic needles, which I do like because of they points, but they are not near as fast as the Addi needles. I was told by a few of the knitting ladies that they like the KnitPicks just as much as the Addi's. I am just starting my research and I am off to the website next. Stay away from the Denise interchangables. I waisted $50 on those.