Dishcloths? Does anyone know any truly great patterns?

I am wanting to knit some dish cloths but I am so tired of the few that I see on the Internet. They are always the same old knit/purl stitches. Does anyane know of some truly great dishcloth sights or have any patterns or pictures of their own. I am looking for the non-traditional designs that have interesting patterns. Thanks so much.


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Have you checked out That site has tons of free patterns!!
I like knitting dishcloths too. They are almost immediate gratification for your effort and they are great to use or give as a gift!


Yes I have checked them out. I have also checked out Ravelry and found some as well. Thanks Shawn!

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There are six patterns for dishcloths in the book Knitter's Stash, your local library may have it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The Garden Dishcloths to Knit booklet is nice and the Kitchen Bright dishcloths is another great book. Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan Book has plenty of squares that you can use for dishcloths as well and you will be practicing new stitches!

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I knit dishclothes in order to practise various lace patterns etc. It gives me a handle on them before I attempt to turn them into a scarf or whatever. I just take any lace stitch, say something from any stitch pattern book, and cast on the number of stitches that would give me a couple of side border stitches each side, and then the correct number to do however many repeats will fit to make it approximately dishcloth size. Then, knit a couple of rows or so so in garter stitch to give a border, then start your pattern with the decided upon number of side border stitches in garter stitch, then your lace pattern with the appropriate number of repeats, then the edge stitches in garter. repeat the number of times that give you the length you want, then finish the edge in the same number of garter stitch rows with which you began.

It really is a great way to learn new stitches, and you end up with a pretty dishcloth. A good source for stitch patterns is Barbara Walker's first treasure of knitting stitches or whatever its called, or any stitch book you like. Or steal from any pattern you already have.

Have fun.