Dear all,

I managed to get hold of some Rowan wool online to make thair cardigan featured in Rowan Magazine 42. The wool's called Tapestry and it's a subtle self-striper. I was a few balls short so I got some more thinking that, as it's a self-strper, a different dyelot wouldn't matter for the sleeves....

So know I've got 8 balls of a great grey-ey, beige-ey, green-ey and the few extra balls I got are a completely different colour. They are ostensibly the same colour called MOORLAND Shade 175.

I wonder if anyone (needle in haystack I know) has any Rowan Tapestry in Shade 175 that's anywhere near Lot 009G1. The new stuff I bought is lot 700 which I presume is a long way away.....

It's a relief that there's somewhere online that I can share this with - I'm boring my partner rigid with this predicament.

Best wishes to you all,


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Here is a Ravelry Link
to some stashes that have that colorway. Maybe someone there has that dye lot that they would be willing to sell. You can also try the ISO and destashing forums there. Good luck!



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I'll check it out!