Two subjects:

First off, does any one know of a stitch dictionary which is specifically designed for those of us who knit in the round? The standard stitch dictionaries are for flat knittners and require translation for circular application. I would love a comprehensive stitch dictionary for round knitters.

Secondly, I have found joy at last in my quest for the perfect stitch marker. I don't like dangly markers, and the ring types I have tried are either cheap plastic which fall apart, or over-priced hand made jobbies which also fall apart. I bought a variety pack of copper washers a while back and found the 3/8 interior diameter size to be ideal for all needle sizes. These washers are thin, and have a narrow ring as opposed to the usual ones found at the hardware store (which are too thick and cumbersome). I needed more, but could not find them; however in my search I discovered another washer of the same size and type called a "crush washer", apparently a specialty item from the drag racing world (no, not THAT drag). I ordered them from Dennis Kirk co. online and am thoroughly delighted. They are not cheap: $4.95 for a ten-pack. But they are a light metal which will not break in normal use. I have painted them in various colors for projects with more than one pattern etc. For those who are as fussy as I am (or obsessed) with the subject of stitch markers, you may want to give these a try. Possibly you will find them at an auto parts store and not have to order them online.


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I wish. My Harmony Guide is definitely NOT written for knitting in the round as I have to convert every other row on every stitch pattern when I'm making hats and the like. Definitely annoying. Sorry. :-(

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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I never really thought about this, but this is a great question / idea and I think would be very useful.


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I just translated a stitch pattern from Barbara Walkers 2d book, the Seaweed stitch from flat to round. After swatching it, I realized that I had mistranslated it as my result looked nothing like the photo in the book. I retranslated it, reknit it and it still didn't work. Bad enough if there is an error in the pattern, but to have all this back and forth is intolerable. *massive sigh*

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Sounds like a wonderful job for you. You could write the first book!! Or could we each take a bunch and rewrite them for knitting in the round? We would soon have a book. If you want help let me know.

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I am far too lazy for such an undertaking- I just want to be the first customer. It is astounding that there appears to be no such book available.

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