I am having trouble posting pictures...hmmm.



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I really like this sweater with the great cable stitch and especially the underarm seed stitch panel. Great design.

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All three sweaters are gorgeous! I think this one is my favorite though....no wait, the Canyonville.....or maybe the Henry VII......NO! I'm sticking with the Scalloway (at least for now). Great work!

What yarn? That looks a lot like some pencil roving I just gave up fighting with!

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Wow, Alice Starmore's books are really expensive.

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I have to agree that you have done a marvelous artistic job. Your Sweater s are beautiful!

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OMG. BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! on all the sweaters you've posted so far

so, how does one go about commissioning you to knit a somewhat simple cabled sweater? :D
Change your thoughts; change your world.

Change your thoughts; change your world.

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The cabling on this sweater makes me want to eat cookies.

That means I like it...A LOOOOOOOOT. :-P

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Wow...that's stunning! I love this pattern, and you've done a beautiful job with it. It's always a good thing when I see a photo and immediately feel the need to hold the work in my hands. Just lovely...thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you, everyone. This pattern really caught my eye, as well. I must confess, however, that the pattern became a bit tedious and I was/am relieved when I knit my last stitch.
If anyone is interested, this pattern is available in the Jamieson's pattern book #2....Scalloway by Ron Schwietzer. He's truly an amazing designer...I just ordered all of his books (he has four of his own out.)MichaelJames


This is just fabulous. I just wanted to reach out and touch it.

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You have done an amazing job on this sweater. You make me want to start cabled sweater of my own!

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...that is SO BEAUTIFUL !!!

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Awesome cabling. I love the color choice too.