I finished this sweater months ago and I finally got it sewn together.


TomH's picture

Looks great. Love the stitch pattern.

albert's picture

Lovely texture on all three sweaters. Yarn and needle info please? Are these all knit flat?

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Thank you Albert. Scalloway was knitted in the round and Canyonville and Henry VII were both knit flat. Scalloway and Canyonville were both made using Starmore Scottish Heather in Rosewood and Sholmit on US 7/8. Henry was made using Starmore Bainin (US 7).


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Great sweaters Michael, I particularly like Canyonville. Did the pattern come from a book, also yarn & needles ?

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Thank you, Kerry. The Canyonville pattern came from the Starmore booklet, American Portraits. I used Starmore Scottish Heather yarn in Sholmit and US 8 needles.


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Gorgeous sweaters, they are truly works of art!



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What a beautiful sweater... love the pattern.

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Fantastic jumper. I aspire to one day be able to knit just like you. I fear though it is going to take years of knitting practice. Must get my camera out and take photos of the four basic things I have made to date. The last project is a bit of a disaster but you inspire me to persevere. Thanks for showing me your jumpers.

It's a beautiful sweater and I love the stitch pattern.

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What wonderful sweaters you've done as displayed in your blogs. WOW! And each one is so unique from the other. I hope to one day have such a beautiful collection to my credit. Keep it up.

Keep it lite and happy!

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