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So my mom and dad came up for a brief visit not long ago...first time they have visited me since moving here to KC in 2004. They hadn't met Travis before then, either. Well, my mother has been a big advocate for my knitting, and she toted a bunch of my work down with her back to Southeast MO to try to sell. Um, she sold EVERYTHING. And honestly, a couple of the items I had grown attached to and secretly hoped no one would buy them. Having said that, I nonchalantly upped the prices on a few items, and I don't mean upped them by a measly dollar or two. We're talking up from $28 to $40. LOL So that's nice that they sold because now it won't matter that my companies not dolling out bonuses this year! I'll actually be making almost as much off the scarves as I did for my bonus last year (after taxes, anyway).

ANYWAY, she told me everyone raved on about my craftsmanship, which was thoroughly exciting. So as I'm reading this email from her, I'm staring at the beautiful yarn Travis bought me and I think I've decided to make an afghan using the two Jo Sharp Silkroad skeins, two skeins of Jo Sharp Infusion Kid Mohair, the one skein of Noro Iro, the four skeins of Patons Australia Inca he bought from a previous trip to Melbourne, and a skein of Plymouth yarn baby alpaca brush that I had to have the other day. I think the two skeins of Cascade Rustic I bought would look great, too. the fun thing is that all the colors of all these skeins go beautifully together. All I need to do now is just settle on a pattern. I was thinking of making up my own. *bites his lip*

Does anyone have A) any afghan patterns they love that involve multiple types (and weights) of yarn or B) any advice on making an afghan with yarns that are different weights?

I just need to finish the last legwarmer and I think I'll make my Alligator scarf first, too, just for the hell of it. LOL


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Great news.....and equally great that is is so encouraging and proud of your knitting. Congrats. How did the visit go vis a vis meeting Travis and staying in your home for the first time? I recall that you were psyched up for it.

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Meeting Travis went well, but they definitely did not stay here; not enough room! But we had a great time, so all is well with the world. :-)

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright


"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright


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Thanks for sharing this news. Good for you guys, and your folks, for making the visit work. It never happens on its own. Congrats.

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Great that your Mom could get some decent prices for your stuff.

RE: the afghan....

I've found when working different weights that I usually want a looser, more open stitch with the heavier yarns, and a tighter one with the lighter, but not always.

I'd suggest stripes; since you have multiples of two of most of them, it will probably be reasonably easy to "mirror" the stripes, whether you do horizontal or vertical orientation. YOu might want a simple eyelet pattern, or even just an eyelet row where the colour change occurs.

Or you could go "sixties" and do a zig-sag.

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Congratulations on your sales, it is such a boost when someone actually pays $$ for creative work you have.