Beret Question

My friend has asked me to knit a beret for her. How do I make it keep the beret shape once knitted? I've looked at several on Ravelry and for each pattern some look like a beret but some don't have that shape.

Anyone knitted a beret that can give me some ideas?


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Hi Raymie...the beret gets its shape from a few different components:

1. The structure of how it's made...many of the so-called berets on Ravelry might actually be better called tams, so pick one that most closely represents the look of a beret to you.

2. The density/drape of the knitted fabric. If it's loose and open, it's going to slouch more than you might like.

3. Finally, the way the recipient wears it will make a big difference in how it looks when completed. If they pull it down too far, or set it off on a rakish angle, it will all affect the final look.

My pick is the one from Interweave Knits called Tweed Beret:

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Great Thanks!!

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Hi There. I'm not sure if this helps or not but when I made a Tam last year I used the following free pattern from Knitty:
After knitting the Tam it is blocked over a plate which gives it that characteristic shape. I hope your beret turns out well, and hope you will share pictures when you have completed it.