quick inventory (with pics)

I still haven't photographed my first scarf project, but chances are I'll be wearing it if I ever meet you in the non-cyberworld.

Of course, I'm late to get to the next SF knitting night, so I'm just going to slam up some images of recent completions.

I was in such a hurry to start the mittenettes in the Weblinks section that I didn't notice I bought the mittenette and little friendwrong size dpn's at ImagiKnits.

 No, Virginia, 7mm is not US size 7. Read labels more carefully.

It wasn't a complete disaster, as evidenced when I reknit them on 8s. These are for Mr. Man's oh-so-punk-15-year-old niece. Yes, it's the same gauge yarn.

Proof of the joys of big-ass 15s and the joys of speed knitting, I busted out this scarf over two days. Can you see how the model's lips really accent the piece? astroturf as scarf

Just some Key Lime Splash carried with a big wooly sale-rack yarn.

I hope my Secret Snowflake/co-worker recipient enjoys it. I was worried that it was too bulky and not drape-y enough... like a giant potholder cowl, but I'm hoping the texture and cuddle-y-ness make up for any design flaws. I promise my next scarf will be skinnier.

Now, I'm late... oh well. Take good care of Neptoon, boys.