Mark's Sweater

I knit this for my husband Mark in about a month, using the Everyday Sweater pattern from the book Knitting (Man)ual by Kristin Spurkland. I used 7 skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed for the body and Jaeger Matchmaker DK for the contrasting color square on the back. Even though all the Rowan yarns were the same dye lot, 2 skeins were a slightly darker tone so I decided to make the back panel that color. I'm working on a knitted/crochet art project for January so I won't be able to knit any garments until after that show. My next project will be a zippered cardigan for myself.

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Love the red square on the back. A very nice touch.

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Beautiful sweater, I too like the red square. Be sure and post pics of your art project.



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Thanks for the compliment. The red square is done using the intarsia technique, which I'd never done before and was clearly described in Kristin's book. BTW, my art show has been pushed back to March. I'll keep you posted and post photos when I get it together. Happy knitting and needlework!