Skein in the ass

Ya'll warned me that novelty yarn was difficult to work with.  But, hell, I bought 5 balls of it and I didn't do so to look pretty sitting in my closet. So I thought I'd try a quick project to get the feel of the yarn. 

I started out digging around in the guts of the ball, looking for the end, big mistake.  It took me about an hour to unravel and rewind the ensuing mess and I ended up with 2 smaller center-pull balls - mistake number two.  I guess this stuff is to be worked from the outside in; at least that's how I'm going to do it from now on unless one of you shows me a better way.

I decided to make a cell phone caddy for my boyfriend and I couldn't be more thrilled with the end result.  My only problem with the actual knitting was finding the little nub to fix a dropped stitch that had unraveled a bit.  I wasn't able to fix it quite right, but thankfully the yarn hid the mistake very well, after I stitched it up.   I can't even see it in the end product.

I was a bit perturbed when the ball got all tangled up again.  I salvaged as much as I could, about 10 yards, and left the rest on the floor for the cat to enjoy.  It was largely his fault the yarn got tangled again anyway.  I guess it's all yarn to him, whether it has been knit into a toy that he is allowed to play with or sitting in a ball attached to dad's knitting needles that he's not allowed to play with.

So I got the dimensions for my boyfriend's cell phone off the internet, doubled the width to determine how many stitches to cast on and went to town.  I added red cotton yarn to the top two rows to make it sturdier and easier for him to put the phone into.

When I cast off, instead of pulling the yarn through the last loop to knot it off, I switched to a big 'ol crochet hook and, keeping the two yarns together for added strength, crocheted a long chain.  When it was long enough, I stitched shut the satchel portion and crocheted the end of the chain into the opposite side.

The final product looks like this:

What all the well-dressed cell phones are wearing this season

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Fantastic! Glad you  presevered with it, even though it seemed to be quite difficult to work with the tangles etc. Looks good. Those yarns do look good just a bugger to work with. So whats your next project gona be?


Great job!  That is adorable.  I haven't ventured into the novelty yarns yet but would love to try them.  Thanks for sharing your success.



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You're moving along in the knitting world at the speed of light!  It was just a very short time ago that you posted your first cat toys and now you're designing your own patterns!  What can we expect for you next, I wonder?  Well done!

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