Mesh sweater (flop)

This is a sweater that I made, attempting to create a mesh look. This is what I get for not making a swatch first: it's too big everywhere! The yarn is lovely, 50/50 silk and cotton. I can only bring myself to wear it around the house...such a waste!

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Don't feel bad about it. I'm doing a sweater at the moment and ... like you, didn't get the swatch right... and just going with it... hoping that close enough is good enough...I'm still a learner... so just doing a chunky but to absorb some of the inaccuracies, I've added a few cables and things to pull it in a bit. due to inaccurate reading of the pattern I've reknitted a few parts. Frustrating, very frustrating.
With your jumper all is not lost... consider a romantic evening, candlelight, glass table, for you and your partner, you wearing nothing but your jumper sudductively worn... then wearing it at home could be lots of fun :)
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Where did you get the pattern for this sweater? This is exactly what I'm wanting to make for my partner for this summer!

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz