MWK 2009 Calendar

hopefully....some of the pictures will look like this....(grin)

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If only....damn I need to go the the gym, and get tan...and many other things.

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Andrew, if that picture is of you...You don't need to do a darn thing... That is a fine booty and a pair of knit shorts or a sweater Barely pulled down over it will do it fine justice.

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Note to from behind.

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Put your best assets forward. Then again, I'm biased~ I've always been an "admirer of hindquarters" so to speak.

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I dunno...I don't really like the collar on that sweater.

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Collar? Sweater?

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The real question is, which MWKer will duplicate that pose for the calendar? Anyone?

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The sweater is too long.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I don't know if I've ever been able to enjoy smut on this many levels.

In my humble opinion, I think a good majority of the fellas on MWK could pull this off with the right garment...

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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I only *wish* I could pull this off!

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I'll be the stick in the mud here and say I would hope it would have more class. I've not used the "offensive" flag link on this because I am not one to promote censorship, but guys let's try and remember not everyone on this site shares your sensibilities, and this is supposed to be a site about knitting.

Not trying to start a problem guys, just voicing my opinion. If I didn't like you guys I wouldn't feel free to do so.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Sorry, Mason...
I thought about that...and decided that the sweater was beautiful...and the picture was "classy" enough to post...(I've cropped it to make it less provocative...)

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Hi Bill.

Was wondering if I could get a copy of the un-cropped version, please?

My partner reallllllllllly liked that sweater when I showed it to him


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I agree with Thor!!!!

An uncropped version would be nice!

;) Shawn

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I kinda don't think that any of us has the chutzpa or the body to pose like that. (But if any do... if ya got it, flaunt it). It's probably a pretty moot point.

I'm not wild about the picture myself...The collar on the sweater...That won't lay flat nicely, I'm sure.

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I want the pattern so I can knit me one... and I might try knitting the sweater too :-)

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Amen, brother!!!!!!!

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hooley Dooley ... so that's what all you guys look like all knitted up :)
And I thought my hat contribution was a little spicy...
It's going to be one hell of a calendar :)
Istanbul, Turkey


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The Big question is.... Did he knit it himself? If he did, then I would be happy with seeing twelve items he knitted. One for each month of the year.

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How are these pictures going to be selected? Has that been established?

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i volunteer to select them. tough job but someone's got to do it. what can i say, i'm a giver

we put birds on things

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Why did I have that second piece of apple pie at Thanksgiving? Now my sweaters will never have this kind of drape.

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Does ANYONE remember the Vogue Knitting issue "for male knitters"...The original issue had some emo guy draped decoratively on it, holding knitting needles roughly the size of broom handles (Maybe he was knitting a HAMMOCK?) OR as the gals at the knitting store had put on a little post-it attatched to the cover: "COMPENSATE MUCH?" Later issues had a woman superimposed in the background. God forbid the public not know that he was any less of a man, just because he knits. WHATEVER, MARY.

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If memory serves me correctly, the issue you're referring to is Vogue Knitting "Knit.1" Fall/Winter of 2005. It was disappointing that the cover was altered. Certainly would've been appreciated if Vogue would've had it live up to as advertised "the men's issue" exclusively. It has been good to see other magazines follow suit with an issue for men.

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Yea... I have a copy of Knit.1 floating around somewhere. I found in in a LYS just as I was getting back into knitting after years of doing very little - it was the first (and only) thing in the LYS that was supposedly focused on men. My wife saw the centerfold and thought it was some kind of knitting porn. I was disappointed though - and haven't made anything in it.

I did see a bunch of them in a bargain bin at a different LYS a while ago and bought them up for a quarter or 50 cents to give away.

As for the "compensation" question, I think that's what JJ said too!

Grace and peace,

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I just found a copy on eBay for $4.99. (There were two available and I bought still one left!!) The price for the back issue from Knit.1's website is $8.99!!!!!


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We were out shopping the other day and I SWEAR we saw that exact sweater... honestly! We didn't pick it up though; it looks better in the picture....

Grace and Peace,

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I have had many private requests for the un-edited version of the was not x-rated!
...there were no naughty bits showing....I merely cropped his hand...
I would not have posted it if I felt it was in any way offensive!

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And we thank you for that unedited version Bill!

It is a fantastic sweater although I will agree that the collar is a bit weird.