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It totally sucks not having a LYS to go fondle and see yarns up close and personal. While you can easily compare shop online, what is completely fubared is the fact that from one site to the next the images can look like almost completely different colors, but it's supposed to be the same yarn. So how the hell do you know if it's the RIGHT color/colorway?? *sigh*


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Okay, so this may or may not necessarily be helpful...

But I love me a fiber related ROAD TRIP! I agree, I gotta feel it in my hands. I have only bought yarn online once and that was just to get a color I needed as I was already familiar with the actual yarn.

Try these links... (my favorite for locating shops in Illinois) (some good/some bad links)

While I am very fortunate to be living in an area where I can easily get to 6 dedicated fiber shops within an hours drive, my favorite yarn comes direct from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in Mt. Horub, WI. It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive for me but I make a day of it, stopping in Madison, WI for lunch and knitting at Lakeside Fibers! And, whenever I go to Blackberry Ridge, I do some major stash building while I am there!

Isn't country living fun??