Cable Scarves

A friend of mine wanted me to make her a thin scarf that was only a cable, nothing else--her dreamed up design, and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this--I am not afraid to just cast on and try it out, but I thought I would see if the greater wisdom of many might inform my endeavours. So I was wondering if I am headed for trouble or if it is do-able. I love cables, and she just wants like a chunky cable with frequent repeats, and i have a feeling that there would be some issues, but wanted to ask. Thanks for any input, I love cabling and it sound like an interesting challenge, but my experience tells me that this would need some sort of "back ground" stitches to make it more stable, I think she thinks it would just look like a pretty rope, which would requre doublesided cabling, but that doesn't bother me. I would appreciate any advice, help, guidence that you all could provide.


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I saw a project like this somewhere - I just can't remember where...It was (if I remember correctly) a three strand braid, six stitches each, I think, I think....

I wish I could remember where I saw it, because I have a hazy recollection that it was done in a 1 x 1 rib,

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You could do a "round" cable... I'm just thinking (I've never tried...)

Say... Cast on 30 stitches in the round.... K1... cable2-13... K2 Cable... Knit 1... etc..... Maybe setting the "front" cable a few rows "off" of the back cable to provide some stablity....

Does that make any sense? I could write it out, maybe even give it a try, if you'd like.

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I did something like this in red: It ended up looking like a ginormous twizzler (red licorice) stick. It was fantastic and the gal I knit it for loved it. I wonder if I have pictures anywhere.

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Was there an actual pattern for this?? Sounds like a fun thing to knit!!

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If you're going to just do a cable, I would recommend doing it in K1P1 rib so that you don't wind up with a massively curled cable.

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Thanks for the patterns, Randy. I particularly like the second pattern.

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Thanks for the pattern links. I have them linked in my ravelry account now.

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Wow--see it pays off to just ask--I appreciate the replies, and I look forward to hearing more, thank you all. This is why MWK is so awesome--I have missed knitting since I dropped off for a bit, but just now picked it back up--MWK is just making it even better. Thank you!