Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

This is current re-blocking over a pie plate to increase slouchiness.

Knitted on size 8s instead of size 10s in Rowan Cocoon, Emerald.

I finished this with INCHES to spare! (Ask Thor! He was there! It was a real nail-biter!)

Modeled by my beautiful assistant, Elisa.

Edit: Once again, I can't list the additional files... how again?


Thor's picture

Watching the end of the yarn approaching ManMadeKnit's hat was reminiscent of the opening montage from the old "Mission Impossible" television show... as Ben said, "It's like watching a lit fuse" but, alas, he made it! And it is so cool! Can't wait to see the final blocked version... interesting to see just how important blocking this will be to the final product.

Thanks again for coming by and knitting! We don't get to visit near enough.