I finished it!!

Well I finally finished the sweater I made for my sister for Christmas. I made up the pattern so i hope it fits. I started it September 1st and finished the knitting around the end of October. It has been sitting around waiting for the zipper and the lining which i just finished.


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WOW! It's gorgeous ...... and you inspire me. You have a very lucky sister! -John

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Gorgeous sweater!



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looks like a lot of work. well done

we put birds on things

That is one beautiful sweater and I'm sure your sister will love it. The lining looks good too. Well done.

OHMAGOSH! Really a gorgeous piece of knitting. The yarn works so well with the richness of the pattern. You should be proud and your sister will be thrilled, I'm sure.

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Beautiful job- great texture! Can you describe the lining proccess for us?

Veni, vidi, kniti.

All I can say is - WOW

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Thanks everyone. I love this site cause you can put your finished pieces up and get some of the praise that you want after a touch piece. I made a few mistakes with the lining. I am going to cut it out and redo it if I find some more silk. I had never sewn with silk but know a lot more now. When i sized the piece i didn't leave enough to really stretch with the sweater. I feel like it wouldn't be right not to have the lining perfect after working so hard on the sweater. If i don't find the silk she will get it unlined and i am sure she will love it either way.
Again thanks for all the comments