Lamb's Pride Bulky

I'm thinking about making my partner a hat using Lamb's Pride Bulky (he desperately needs a hat.) He want to know if the yarn scratchy. (Or itchy as he says.) I haven't bought the yarn yet and wanted to know your thoughts from those who have knit with it.


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I've never used the bulky but I found their worsted weight to be a bit scratchy. It felted nicely and made a good potholder, but I (personally) wouldn't want it straight on skin.

The bulky could be softer though...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have to agree, but it never stop me from wearing a hat made with the yarn, Knit Picks wool is a bit softer!

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If you want something super soft and nice and bulky, I recommend Brown Sheep Burly Spun yarn. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO luxurious. I've never thought it was scratchy, and I've never found any vegetation or burs stuck in there (something I can NOT say for many other wool yarns..............). It's so fantastic, that's what I've knitted my scarf exchange scarf with! :-D

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Thanks. I'll see if any of our local yarn shops carry it.

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I never found it to be scratchy. I wear lots of lambspride...I do find that the singlespun bulky weights tend to wear "not great" though.. A bit of pilling with heavy wear. I'd look for a plied bulky merino or a good worsted plied merino knit doubled if you really want a bulky weight.

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Is Lambs Pride Bulky a singlespun or a plied? I haven't a clue. I'm guessing it's a singlespun.

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Last year I made several hats for gifts with the Lamb's Pride Bulky. Enjoyed the way it felt in my hands knitting up very much. I am not able to tell you about long-term wear since I did not keep any of them. Best of luck with your hat-making! Lucky guy to get hand-made warmth!