So my brother is getting married in less than three weeks, and he asked me to make him some hats. Both him and his soon to be wife are in the military, and I am making them these hats to keep them warm while they are overseas. They have to be completely plain, so I am going to make a simple 1x1 rib on the bottom and then just knit in the round for the rest of it. My question though is this: the hat must be able to be washed a lot, and washing them by hand would not be preferable. I really do not want these felted. So I wondering if superwash merino would work for this? I have never worked with it before but the LYS said that it should work. Any suggestions for something better?


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Trust me...I learned the hard way that Superwash wool does NOT felt. LOL Just picture me trying to spit splice two strands of superwash for a good five minutes before scratching my head, sighing loudly, and trying again for another five minutes. Superwash should be perfect.

You could also take a look at cotton yarns if you don't mind it being non-wool.

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I find that Plymouth Encore: 75% Acrylic 25%wool machine launders/dries beautifully and is inexpensive. I have some socks that I wear in winter which I love knit out of it. It doesn't feel acrylic-y to me, and I'm particular.

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yeah i throw my super wash socks in with my regular laundry and they come out perfect. Just go with a reliable brand