Cable Problem

On Monday, TottyatPC posted about wanting to do single cabled scarf and CRMartin posted links to two patterns on Ravelry. I was really taken with the second one listed. It is called "Amy" by Hannah and it is a free pattern. I got the pattern and have been trying to figure out what it all means!

The entire scarf is knitted in 1x1 ribbing - even the cable crossings. Okay - got it. Easy enough!

However, her pattern reads "cable 8 over 8" and "cable 8 under 8" and this, I fear, is where I really don't know what she means! Do I hold the cable needle in front of the work or behind? And I seem to be doubting where I should have the working yarn when I do the first stitch of each cable crossing.

I went to her web site and others have asked about this very situation. However, I cannot seem to find where she posted ANSWERS to the questions... when clearly she has based on the comments left.

Have any of you knit up this beauty? It seems perfectly simple on paper but I just can't seem to translate it onto the needles. I have tried four times just this evening and each was a perfect little tadpole!

I have attached a Word copy of the pattern below.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Microsoft Office document icon Braided Cable Scarf.doc106 KB


I'm p retty sure that 8 over 8 means cable needle at the front and 8 under 8 is cable needle at the back. I'll try it out later today.

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Well, the 8 over 8, is placing the first 8 in the front, so the first half will go over the following. The 8 under 8 is behind. Each of the 8 begin with a Knit, so have the working yarn on the back of your work, however, being the cable is ribbed reversible, on the next stitch put the working yarn in the front of the work, to purl, and rotate back and forth. Just remember always knit your knits and purl your purls

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BTW, I made a Post in the Techniques forum that explains reversible cables...You may find the pictures help

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Thanks, guys! I will try, try again!