Pattern Review

Here's a pattern that I've been working on. It's a simple scarf with a V motif. I haven't started knitting anything just yet, and thought that before I do, I'd ask you guys to take a look.

Perhaps this scarf might is similar to something you've knit before? Any suggestions on how to simplify the pattern? Any thing obvious I'm missing?

Figure 1 is a diagram of what the finished scarf would look like
Figure 2 is a schematic of how the scarf would have to be knit, i.e. for all the even rows i've changed my Ks to Ps and
Figure 3 is figure 2 turned into knitting directions. It seems like the scarf boils down to a repetition of 3 different rows.

What do you think?


Reading through your figures 1 and 2, it seems to me that you have two different patterns. I think you're right in that there are really 3 different rows to the pattern, but I don't usually think that way. Instead, I prefer to "read" my knitting. I'd think of fig. 1 as alternating diagnonals of 3 knit and 3 purl stitches, with a slope (change) of 1 stitch per row. This way, I decide how to knit based on the preceeding stitch, the stitch I'm knitting into and the stitch directly following. I wouldn't memorize the pattern as row 1, row 2 and row 3, but just as 6 stitches (3 knit and 3 purl). If this is a clear as mud, just try to look at what you're knitting, and sometimes at your chart. Don't keep reading the row by row instructions (which, by the way, might not correspond to figure 1; it's hard for me to decipher your handwriting). Best of luck! -- Dan

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I like it, plus it should be reversible...that is, if your pattern works.

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super cool idea... looks a little like the Henry scarf from knitty a while back:

but modified to be a bit more simple... :)




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I decided I'd do a few rows for you to see how it will look....

From Knit Projects

btw, I added 2 extra stitches so I slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch, this helped in it not curling up.

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Wow, that's really cool. Thanks so much for knitting it out. Was it annoying to refer back to the pattern? Or did it become instinctual after a couple of rows. Also, where did you add the two extra stitches?

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instead of 27 stitches, I did 29 stitches. slipped the first, and knit that the edges stay flat.

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This blanket sorta has the same texture and pattern...