Friday - The day after... :)

Well, I went early because I wanted to get a lot of knitting done and spend time with my friends, and wouldn't you know it when the "Mean Lady" shows up the only open seat is on the couch right next to me. There were a few people in the group that knew my feelings and the situation, so eyes were darting all around me waiting for the fireworks to start. That made me laugh inside and at that point I really did want to not be mean back to her. I chose to actively ignore her and not even participate in her craziness. She sat down and opened with this sentence... "After the day I've had, it's amazing I'm even here." I turned my head and didn't even respond, but funny thing, neither did anyone else, so he dropped that ploy for attention, immediately. :) She was in a good mood it seemed and spent most of the night not picking on anyone, until I was talking with someone else about a knitting situation and she started to interject by over-talking our conversation so she could appear to be the smartest one in the group by offering up the correct answer to my problem, I simply asked the person I was talking to if they would like to go to the back and look at some yarn (of course this was in the middle of her sentence while she was trying to jump in and over-talk). That seemed to stop her in her tracks. When we got back from looking at the yarn, I had my friend trade spots with me and I did my best to just leave her be and not even give her the time of day. It seemed that most people did the same. They were polite and kind to her and responded when spoken to, but other than that she was not engaged by anyone most of the evening. So, not very much drama at all, however, I do attribute this to her being in a good mood for whatever reason and I am so sure that one day, she will be in a bad mood and the sh*t will hit the fan, but I hope not.

Have I mentioned that I freaking hate this kind of drama, and somehow it seems to hunt me down and make me have to deal with it? I really do appreciate all of your help on this matter and it did make me stronger and more confident in dealing with this person. Cheers to you all and may the love you have shown me fall back on you three fold.

much love,


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I'm racking my brain to see if I've ever resembled "the mean lady"... hopefully not, probably so. (ducks behind scarf in shame)... Bad badger, BAD...

(I tend to offer up help whenever asked... even if it wasn't asked of me)...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You know this may be her way of apologizing to you, but in any way, I will just not interact with her at all, completely avoiding having a conversation with her . I may also let her know that her advise was not requested or that she was not included inthe conversation. She may like that and see that she is getting under your skin. What you did was perfect leave her alone talking to herself lol!

Sometimes people giveunsolicited advice and I listen to it 75 % of the time, sometimes I just ignore it, or if it is really out of place or disruptive I will let the person know. As you get older you learn that you should not have regrets and speak your mind once in a while!