Finishing socks

I've been busy working on my first sock and I am finally ready to end it. I was told to use kitchener stitch. I watched the video on and it doesn't seem that bad - front needle - knit slip, purl followed by back needle purl slip, knit. (and I know that the first time I just do purl on the front stitch and knit on the back and no slipping)

So here are my questions
1 - how much yarn do I need to start with? I am going to have 12 stitches left on each of my 2 size 1 circular needles. If I had to guess, 12 stitches, 2 needles, is 24 stitches each one being worked twice, for 48. So do I use about the same amount as if i was casting on 48 stitches?
2 - How do I end? Following the steps, I will end with 1 stitch on each of my needles. Do I then do the first part only with the knit slip, purl slip to bind those off?
3 - after that, is there any advice for sewing/weaving in and tying off the remaining yarn?

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I always leave about 30cm(12") or so for 16 stitches, and use a blunt-ended darning needle. And concentrate like mad! To sew in I turn the sock inside out and weave back across the toe join. Hope that is clear.