Knit Picks Warm Pallet Sampler

So, I finally got my Warm Pallet Sampler with the included pattern for a knit bag. I really like the pattern; however, a bag like that and my style of dress don't quite mix. So, I was thinking about modifying the pattern and maybe make it into a pillow or something. Ugghh! I started reading the pattern directions and they must be written in Kilgon or some other alien tongue. Way above my current pattern reading skills. WTF, isn't there a way to write these things in our common vernacular? Oh well, at least the yarn is really nice.


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And waste the years we've put in learning the arcane and esoteric terms, language and symbols of our mystic art?

Patterns written in a language anyone can understand? that would rip away the veils of secrecy and talent we kntters wrap about ourselves?

Are you crazy?

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There is work being done to standardize knitting terms and patterns, and it's being modeled after the XML markup language. What this will do is help give a consistent terminology no matter who designs the pattern, and will also allow those who prefer charts over written instructions to be able to easily generate a chart. Of course, patterns will have to be rewritten to take advantage of this, so I don't know how that's going to go. You can read about it at their website,