Scarf exchange

Well, I had busted my booty to knit a gorgeous scarf for the fellow in Ireland for his birthday, but he's been a bit of a fuckwit (can I say that here?) and I'm not too chuffed about sending that scarf that took so much work. I'd send it for the scarf exchange, but I've already knit the scarf for that as well... ( it goes better with my victim's black leather jacket).

So, I'm going to whip up something on the plane next week when I fly down to SF for Irishguy...more his colours, anyway...and just send it to him late (he couldn't be bothered to answer my request for his snail mail address in a timely manner, so eff him) and I'm going to give the fancy scarf to my host in SF. It will look wonderful on him, and I know he'll appreciate it.


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...and somehow all of it ends up working out in the end.


My goodness, you've been just scarving (is that a word?) like there was no tomorrow! Good luck on your airplane endeavor on your way to SF. Besides what's appreciated makes it all the better for the maker.

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to be flying out to the Quad Cities and staying in Rock Island, Illinois over the holidays. I made the mistake last year of going without my knitting.

...and there was vodka in the house.


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any chance we could meet for coffee...or at Imagiknits...while you're in SF???


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Sure. Will you have any free time during the morning or day on Thurs of next week (12/11?) I will be in town all day, I'm teaching Intermediate Two-step at Sundance that evening, FYI.

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I agree that you should never give hand knitted articles to fuckwits. They wouldn't know what to do with them. I bet your host appreciates it.

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My host loved the scarf. It looked better on him that I possibly imagined it would. Fresh green varigated scarf on a red-head (bad, but with a red beard). Who knew. He does have jade green eyes.