Gator Scarf

Just finished the Gator Scarf from Moorehouse Yarns. It was a fun and easy pattern to follow. I added a bunch of bumps to get to the 57", but the kit had plenty of yarn so it wasn't a problem. One last Christmas Scarf Completed - now I can work on my scarf exchange project.


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Excellent job!

It looks rather fun.


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OMG: Cool. My nephews would LOVE that...maybe next year. My holiday knitting is all booked.

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Very nicely done. It looks like it was a fun project to work on.
I don't know if it is my imagination operating in overdrive, or if I'm just certifiable, but, when I first saw your photograph I paused and looked at it more closely. The reflection in the lower right corner, at first glance, looked like a fish (Nemo with his wonderful toothy smile) looking up from beneath the water at the Gator.