I'm knittin' and I'm dancin' s fast as I can...

SF knitters.

If any of you (gay or gayfriendly) guys have an interest, I'll be teaching the intermediate Two-step class at Sundance on Thursday at 7pm. (Google SF Sundance for the address, I know it's on Barneveld).

It IS intermediate, so if you've never two-stepped, swing danced, or foxtrotted, it will probably be too advanced. But if you can comfortably do a two-step or foxtrot basic pattern and turn, you'll be fine.

Come one, come all, we're having a ball!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Hey IF you can drop by our KNitters Monday Night Group that would be fun to have you with us at the Cafe Trieste. I have never been able to do two stepping well lol!

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No, sorry...I'm flying out Monday afternoon.

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Knits and dances! Thats an rare and unusual combination... :o)

I had a fantastic time at the Big Apple Ranch the last time I was in NYC. There was me thinking buff cowboys in tight jeans and stetsons were all a (Tom of Finland inspired) fantasy just seen in (porn) movies.

When someone like that asks you to dance its hard to say 'no'... so I just followed his lead. Seemed to work LOL. Still prefer the latin dances though.


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It isn't all that unusual. I do both (ballroom mostly) and have been teaching everyone I dance with how to knit as well. Right now there are about 8 of us (one other guy) and we are hoping to drag more along with us.

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Barneveld??? that's a tiny christian town in Holland famous for its chickens.... so will you be teaching a chicken dance??

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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It's also a city in Wisconsin famous for being flattened entirely by a tornado 25 years ago.

No, this is a street in an area of San Francisco.

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It would be so awesome to live in SF and learn to do some more ballroom dances. I did a little bit in middle school, but I want to learn to follow in all the dances. One of my gay friends who planning on starting a dance program of his own once taught me salsa...it was so0o0o much fun to be led through all these turns and tricks... kind of makes me want to go ice skating.