Started My Partner's Scarf

I started my Partner's scarf and is in my works in progress along with 3 or 4 more projects. My partner likes a long scarf but so far has not responded to my question of how long is long, so I am making a decision as to how long to make it. No problem 5 feet should be long enough. I have sent him emails here and to his private e-mail address, but no problem, this is all good. It is frustrating, but not then end of the world!

I have chosen a very nice pattern that I like and have made before .I decided in no fringe ( another unanswered question)and the color is a very nice orange, not neon orange , but a nice fall orange shade. My partner is a very simple guy it will be easy to please . I am sure he will love the scarf I am making. The goodies that I will include will depend on whether he answers the questions I sent him or not? So if you are reading this and want to reply to my email , you may still have a chance to get some nice goodies!!!! lol! You will get some extras and I hope that you can have good use for them!

Well here I go making my Christmas gifts and having a lot of fun making this great color scarf for the exchange. I am making the scarf with cables and I am using no cable needle, very cool. No pictures because it needs to be a surprise but know that I am makinga scarf for you. Thanks for stopping by!