Hmmm...should I?

So for a while I have been thinking about doing a video blog, to share how much fun I am with the rest of the world. I realized though that I would need to have some tact. I have plenty of tact...but it would be really hard to tell some stories without revealing too many state secrets. I would get to show my knitting though, and I would finally be able to share my jokes with everyone that no longer lives close enough to me to hear the screams of horror. Any thoughts? Oh, I also started working on my second sock. It has been months but I figure I should probably start the sock, the pair was supposed to be done for last Christmas...might be done for this one, but I doubt it.


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Well sure... if you think you might enjoy it give it a go and see how it turns out. Put it up someplace so we can check it out and give you feedback then you can decide if you want to keep doing it or if it was just something fun to try. I'm sure you'll have quite a few of us giving it a look see if you do it.

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Sounds like fun! I'd like to see it, unless you go with the "tact" thing.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I would love to see it, always nice to see friends in action.



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Tact? Why, I mean it's not like you're doing it nekkid or something, right? Youtube? Where shall you put it?

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I wouldn't do it naked...well not that anyone could see anyway. My problem with tact is that I am the repository of all knowledge and secrets. I know more about many of my friends lives than most people know about their own. None of us have boundaries, and secrets are just given knowledge in my group. I also never stop talking, and feel a need to give the whole story, and sometimes that leaves people with more info than they ever wanted about the topic. I just may spend more time editing than I would ever want to. I will try and get something together in the next few weeks to show.