Muir scarf

I've based this scarf on Muir Shawl by by Rosemary Hill in Knitty Fall 2007by taking a section of the 'peaks' and adding a garter stitch border. I decided not to block the scarf as I like the sculptural effect of the 'peaks' which form as a result of the pattern

Yarn: Elann Baby Lace Merino alpaca/merino 50/50 in Aubergine colour. 1 50g ball
Needles: Knitpicks circs 4mm 60cm.
Size: 133cmx32cm (52"x13") unblocked.

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It's beautiful Kerry and the colour is gorgeous. I, too, like the 'peaks'.

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Beautiful! I wish I could reach thorough my monitor and grab it.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Beautiful scarf, the color is gorgeous.



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Kerry, that is so beautiful. AND the colour! You are a true artist.

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Great job. You're such a rebel ... not blocking, LOL! But it was the perfect decision. Always love seeing your work.

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Kerry's posting of his projects are always inspirational to me.

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I don't think there could be a finer compliment to a knitter....

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It's beautiful as always Kerry. Job well done.
Barry-Kilted Knitter

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Thanks guys for the comments and encouragement, so much a part of MWK.

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Really nice work....RickeScott does similar stuff... you guys really take knitting from a hobby to an artform ... really you do.
Rick does lots of hexagons and triangles and circles and creates afghans with them. The swirls that he creates are beautiful. Just thinking that if you both connect, the artistic sparks could be amazing... you know, both challenging the boundaries, discussing problems to find solutions ... and we all sit back and see the beautiful artwork unfold :)daveballarat
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So beautiful, one day I hope to get there.