Just a Quick Hey

Hey everyone -

Was excited to find a place with other guy knitters. I'm brand new - only been knitting for about three weeks. I've finished a couple of small projects - a scarf and a hat so far. Next up is a sweater for the dog and then a Christmas scarf for my partner.

We live in Edmond, OK. Knitting is a brand new hobby, but I have been teaching embroidery software for a local sewing dealership for the past few years.

Looking forward to learning more!
Thanks -

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Welcome aboard, Phil!

...always good to see a new face here...


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Welcome. Hopefully you'll find this a good home as many of us do.

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Welcome. I'm new as well, about 6 weeks. I also started with a scarf and hat. Did 2 of each actually. I was tempted to move to a sweater next, but decided to do socks instead. I loved it. I really liked the techniques for the heels and toes. I don't know how much that will carry over into a sweater. My point is, don't be scared of socks. Some people avoid them. Live on the edge.

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Welcome... I love a man who knit for his partner AND his dog. LOL. Good for you! Priorities!

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Welcome to MWK. Looking forward to pics of your projects, would love to see the dog sweater modeled when completed.



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Welcome to MWK.

Welcome to our family. Only three weeks and already a completed scarf and hat good for you. It can be an infectious hobby. Just as long as you're having a good time.

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Glad to see you found us. Hope you enjooy everyones company and coments as much as we have enjoyed each others company and coments.
Glad to have you with us...
Barry-Kilted Knitter

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I love this, all the new people. It is so exciting to see newbies jumping right in.

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Well done. I'm new to all this too ... I'm pretty slow at stuff.... so am really impressed with how quickly you can knock things out. I find it too difficult to sit still and knit... I am so easily distracted.
This week is bayram ... a holiday week here in Turkey and ... I've decided to stay in... stay inside because it is bloody cold outdoors, and too expensive to go anywhere else ... I have my Christmas holidays in 2 weeks and flying to Australia ... so am home knitting. I have a jumper/sweater that I started about a month or two ago...I am hoping to finish it by the end of this week.
I have found the solution to my ADD problem. I put on a DVD ... currently going through my ALIAS series 1 - 5 ...that I bought in Vietnam...so that must be about 5 years ago... am so ADD that in all that time I haven't been able to make myself sit and watch...
So now the solution has finally arrived... knitting and watching DVDs ... gets the jumper done and me through the series :)
Welcome to the family... look forward to seeing some of your work
Istanbul, Turkey


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Hi Phil

Welcome to MWK.


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Welcome Phil... and finished projects after only 3 weeks... you are doing much better than you give yourself credit. Now we need to see pictures!