Private Message Notifications

Am I the only one getting a "You've got a private message" notification every day? I've cleaned out my mailbox. I've got nothing in there. It's getting a little frustrating. What gives?


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I don't get them every day, but about once a week or so. I don't find any emails, and eventually, I just ignore them. They are a bother, but there is no way to turn them off. Another little glitch from this site!!

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If it's any help to know this, I only get e-mail notifications when I have an unread Private works as it should for me.

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It's the same with me.

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Ditto for me ... so far.

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I get a "You've got a private message" notification every day.

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I I only get them when I have one.

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If you go in to your account settings, there's a section titled "private message settings" that contains some options related to private message notifications.

You might try disabling and re-enabling messages if you've got an empty inbox but receiving notifications that something is in there.

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For about a week now, I have been getting the message every day. I check my inbox and there is nothing new there. I was also wondering what was going on. Will try what Darrel suggested.

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Gee, I never hardly ever, ever seldom ever get any messages....(wimper, sniffle...)

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It's working fine on my account ...
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Possibly knitstergeist activity- Who you gonna call?

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Anyone still getting phantom message notifications?