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Hello...I have finnally decided on what colors I am giong to use for the scarf exchange the owner at the lys and I have put together two shades of blue from Green Mountain Spinnery that we think will look great together. I hav also decided on the pattern for the scarf, but don't want to give to much away at this time. I am curious as to what some of you other guys that are apart of the scarf exchange are going to give as goodies to your spoilee's. I am in need of some suggestions, without giving to much away that is. Well to do some knitting...
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My spoilee will be getting a canister of dark chocolate hot chocolate mix from GODIVA. In my book, chocolate is always a good accompaniment to any gift.

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I had planned on sending mine a pair of my favourite folding scissors that I hardly ever see available and a skein of amazing sock wool that is locally spun and hand painted..... I was all excited about these gifts until it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps the man has never even considered knitting socks :-( But I am still assuming that he needs to cut a strand of wool from time to time. I have about another week of work to do on the scarf, so still time to dither.

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I was thinking of sending something along that represents Oregon. Every area has something tasty that they are known for...just an idea.

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I actually plan to do something similar. Some yarn grown and spun in WV, some WV chocolate...I've been trying to think of things to represent my state.

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I'm just hoping my spoilee likes classical music, and is of course interested in hearing me conduct....

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I wish I were your spoilee!



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That yarn is beautiful, can't wait to see it knit up. Like others have said, I'm planning to put in things that represent Western New York. I'll look around and see what else catches my eye before I send it out. I'm almost at the half-way point.

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You're sending taxes!!? ;-(



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No, silly! He's going to enclose a resume to signify the high unemplyment......

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Hold on, hold on ... what's this scarf exchange thing about ? .... I thought a few guys were getting together to knit scarves, then I thought it might be a retreat of knitters and exchange scarves at the end of the weekend, now I read that chocolate is being sent in the mail ... hmmm .... I think I missed something big time ... enlightenment please .... and is it exclusively for those living in the States? No not considering sending stuff from here, Turkey or even worse trying to receive something in the post... I can't afford to take a day off work to cross the city and fight with customs... and pay bribes... but I am intrigued as to what the scarf exchange in and only regret that I'm such a distant member of the family...keep me posted please... thing of me as a scarf exchange voyeur :)
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Dave: Stuart was kind enough to organize a scarf exchange some time ago, and then a second one for this fall. I think that early Nov was the cut off date for registering. Stuart does the match ups for us and we have the pleasure of knitting a scarf for another guy.....and sending along some fun stuff. In return someone is knitting a scarf for us, with enough info so that we receive a scarf that won't make us itch :-) It's actually a lot of fun. From my limited knowledge of countries that operate with different norms than ours in mainstream western culture, I can imagine that receiving a foreign package could be a little nightmarish. I'm glad that you can join us vicariously in this exchange by watching the progress on the site.