Increases after Ribbing

Hi Folks! This is sort of an after-the-fact question. I'm working on a cardigan and have just gotten to the point on one of the front panels where I need to increase evenly after the ribbing is complete. The pattern didn't specify what kind of increase to use, so I chose knit one front and back. Is there a standard increase used for this type of increase? There's no way I'm going to undo what I've already knit (navy blue on size 3 needles - I would go blind!), but it would be good to know for future reference. Thanks!


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That's exactly how I did increases after ribbing -- back in the day when I knit sweaters.

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I usually do a M1 (make one) in the last row of ribbing. KFB works just as well, plus the pattern didn't specify. I think you are safe from a Knitting Police intervention. ::grin::

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I always knit front and back as well. it is the easiest to do for me and if it is done in the last row of ribbing it sort of blends in and is not noticeable.

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That's actually the best one to do (IMHO), if you're looking for invisibility.

Do your increases next to a purl stitch -- knitting one in the front and the back creates a little bar over the increased stitch -- so you have both a bar and a V-shaped stocking stitch, so, it would blend in both with the purl bumps and then the next row/round would be regular knit with those beautiful V-shaped stocking stitches.

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I prefer Make1, also know as a Raised Running Stitch, Or a Lifted Increase. These are almost invisible...

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I always M1, as well.