Nature spun (tm?) Eco yarn

I was at the local Walmart store... and poking through the yarns in vain hope of finding something usable on sale and I saw "Eco Yarn"... each skein is made of .6 of a recycled plastic milk jug...It's a polyester...AND I have to say, very soft. I had to laugh at the "Nature spun (tm)" bit. I guess Red Heart doesn't ever look at the trademarks of The Brown Sheep company, who has had a "Nature Spun" in their line for DECADES. Not to mention, of course...Nature? Oh yes, we sheared those organic Polyesters for the fleece that went into this yarn...

Has anyone dared try this stuff? Does it wear at all?


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Here's my funny. I had to go into Wallmart the other day (it's been YEARS since I've been in one: You know that seen in WALL E on the Axiom when he comes into contact with all the people in their hoverchairs, talking into their headsets and looking at their monitors? I almost got run over in Wallmart by a hugely obese woman on a scooter chair talking on her cell phone drinking soda out of one of those 64 oz cups with the bubble lid and straw. I wanted to collapse into a little box, wave my arms about and shout "Eve-AH! Eve-AH!"

Way scary.

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I love me some Wall-E!

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Maybe knit a raincoat/slicker out of it because it must repel water very well. Personally, I haven't seen it (yet) now I'll have to make a trip to "Wally World." Next they'll be making yarn from recycled tires, as they make everything else out of them.

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I wish someone would figure out how to make yarn out of recycled cans! I'm amazed how many go into our recycle bin. I guess it's my way of supporting the organic bean industry ... black beans, kidney beans, cannallini beans, chick peas ... are staples of our diet. And I'm too lazy to soak dry beans.

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I heard that Walmart is going to be pulling the yarns and knitting stuff off the shelves soon. Is the yarn Caron Simply Soft Eco? I really love knitting with simply soft...even though it's just acrylic yarn.


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is that true? I can't find any other place that sells CSS as cheap as Wal-mart...I'm going to have to stock up on some much needed yarn if that's the case

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I'm not real sure...just heard it from a friend of mine, but I think I'm going to be starting to buy yarn at Hobby in Athens they seem to have the best selection and they're cheap...hmmm I'll stop before I start sounding too much like an advertisement...


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I picked up 3 skeins of the Simply Soft Eco the other day and picked it up this morning to give it a try. It isn't bad at all. Fairly typical acrylic feel but perhaps a bit softer than other inexpensive acrylics I've used before. I'm using bamboo needles with it and it "drags" a bit.. but not too bad.

At $2.88 a skein, I'm pretty happy with it.

If you care... I'd recommend it....

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