Friend's Scarf

So, I have a friend who wanted me to make her a scarf. This is my second for-profit project, and I think I kind of like making things for profit. Once again, it has some more cables! It's a diamond bobble cable pattern over a 13 st panel, with seed st on the side to keep it from curling. It took me the whole weekend, and I just gave it to her today. Thankfully, she liked it! I hope you guys like it as much as she did.

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Nice! What 's the yarn, and what size needles did you use?

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That looks so great. I have so much to learn! It is all I can do to K1 P1 all the way across a row and end up with the same number of stitches on the needles that I started with.

Great job!

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Idea: Just knit. Row after row, knit all the way across. Then purl every stitch for a while. Then go for a K1 P1 rib if you want. I think that you would still get the knowledge/skill from the rib, but it will be less frustrating to keep even. I never have liked them because they contract and while they are thick, they take too long for the amount of work.

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Very nice, your cables look great.



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I like the idea of knitting for profit, too. It just doesn't seem to happen often. I guess I don't know the folks who are really willing to pay for the time spent. If you do ... I have three great shawls I'll sell!

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Nice work and a satisfied customer is always good promotions.

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Very nice... Oh god... I keep looking at such nice work thinking ... ahhh ... yes... next project ... I have sooo many next projects and ... of course, I haven't finished my current project...but I really do like the scarf.
Like one of the above comments, .... so much to learn...
Well done :)
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Looks terrific!

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Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! I worked REALLY hard on it, so it's good to know you can see how much work that I've put into it.
I made it with size 8 needles, with mustard color "Vanna's Choice" yarn. Yea, that's right; Vanna White has her own yarn! I think it's funny for some reason.
TO those of you having a trouble learning to knit, I definitely say to just keep practicing and trying new stitch patterns. Maybe you'd like to make a "sampler scarf" or something. I like to do little projects like that to try out projects... just a thought.
Thanks again!