Playing catchup....

One of my young actor friends has outgrown the scarf I knit him when he was Tiny Tim - so I've knit him a new scarf; using some 2/9 shetland from WEBS. I towel blocked it the other night and havin't gotton around to unrolling it and photographing it. Neddd to do that.

And I'm back working on some "delayed" projects - trying to finish "Chambered Nautilus" - and the Re-annual Fichi (no excuse really on that one - I've got like 1 foot to bind off) - and the Orkeny Pi, and the diagonal stole and VKANDIS and A'Tuin......

probably in about that order....




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How far have you gotten on your Orkney Pi. It's a great pattern. I haven't started it and will keep in on the To Do list. But my next slated shawl pattern is your square Peacock pattern. When I ever do get around to the Orkney Pi, I'm going to make a shorter version. It's huge! (From all the photos I've seen so far.)

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yes - I'm makeing a "small" version; I've just done my last doubling and am going to do the small trees, and then hopefully have enough yarn to finish with a horseshoe border for a gently scallopped edge. Had to recalculate a lot of things because I only did about half the pattern for the thrd section, and then started the forth section PRIOR to doubling, so had to reposition elements for after the doubling.....but I only have the two balls of the Jojoland, so need to keep it within the yardage I have.

It's going to be an excellent advocate for "moose lace" though - cobweb yarn on 5 mm needles! Ethereal doesn't begin to describe it.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Can't wait to see photos. I'm thinking (when I knit my Okney Pi) that I'll end before the large tree section and then add an edging of some sort. I had thought I'd knit mine with fingering weight yarn (JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8) on #9's but now you have me thinking.