OMG, I need Help!!!

I made a boo-boo, and I don't know how to fix it!!!

On my blanket I am making reversible cables of 10 stitches.I am 2 rows past the cable twist row, and I really do not want to frog back to that row. I missed that last stitch when I held 5 stitches on my cable needle. Here's a picture of my problem

I put the 10 stitch rib cable on a DPN...Can ANYONE HELP!?!?!?! and IMMEDIATELY!!!!

From Knit Projects
From Knit Projects

and here's a picture of it with me written on top of the

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Nice even knitting ... I'm doing a cable at the moment, a 12 stitch one ... but doing it on a raglan sleeve... I fucked up too ... cos I was following 2 sets of instructions while watching tv and had my dog periodically snatching my ball of yarn and running around the room ... so I really lost my place big time and am not experienced enough to just look and work it out...
This morning I've sat myself down and written out the 2 patterns onto the one set of instructions and am going to go from more stuff ups I hope.
I hope you can find a solution.
Istanbul, Turkey


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If I am reading this correctly, it sounds almost like you have what amounts to a "dropped stitch"... if that is the case, can't you go in with a small crochet hook (either from the front or the back of the work depending if you want to create a knit stitch or a purl stitch) and bring the stitch up from it's dropped position and into it's corresponding stitch in the row above it... repeat until you are at the current row. I have used this technique in the past for a dropped stitch and it worked for me. Best of luck... however, if all else fails, tinking back is such a good and safe technique for fixing mistakes... and it teaches patience! I know this all too well from experience.

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not's not a dropped stitch...its a stitch i didn't move to the 5 position of the 10 it's supposed to be moved behind the five other stitches...

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You can fix any cable by just dropping the cable stitches. Use double pointed needles to knit them back up. I have done it myself and The Yarn Harlot has a post where she describes the process with pictures.

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Looks like the comment about the Yarn Harlot site is your best bet. If that happened to me, I'd probably tink down to the problem spot and groan the whole time doing it...but apparently I enjoy torturing myself that way.


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Here is a link to Kelly Petkun's blog where she drops a huge cable many rows. It is scary but I have since done it on smaller cables for about 7 rows. The pictures sort of show how to do it. It is sort of like steeking, you have to get your courage up before you try it and have a stiff drink after you complete the fix.

Good luck,


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wow, what a mess of hers...I fixed mine with some help from you all...I just had to work the nerves in pulling out the 10 cable section and working up each ladder