Each month our local fiber guild meets, and includes a workshop to learn a new skill.  Last Saturday we had a workshop on dyeing, using acid dyes.  The picture shows the results of my very first attempt at dyeing wool.  I had so much fun, and now think that I am hooked on another aspect of knitting.  The blue/green/purple skeins came out as I pretty much expected.  The darker skeins started out as navy and orange blocks, but the colors ran together while steaming and this is what resulted.  I am actually very pleased with the outcome. I plan to knit up a guy's scarf with those skeins . . blue, black, gray,burnt orange, rust, orange, and other colors that I don't have a name for.  I will post pics of the finished knit project.


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Very nice!  I love the blue, though I imagine the orange will knit up attractively as well.  Dyeing is something I want to try one day.  I'll probably experiment with Kool-Aid since it has to be done in the same kitchen where I prepare my food.

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Great colours, I'm sure your scarves will look beautiful.  Well done.

They are beautiful!  I am partial to the blue, but they are all lovely.

The kids and I will be trying this project in the summer...with kool-aid!  They saw the "recipe" in a kids knitting book and can't wait to try it!   

Ooooh yummy. Dyeing is so much fun. I always end up as multicolored as my yarn though

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I can't wait to see your project from that gorgeous blue yarn!  Hop to it, we're waiting with baited breath.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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Parrot - AWESOME COLORS!!!!!

They are just beautiful!  Now you have to try dyeing with KoolAid!  LOL! 


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  Great job!!!  I am now completely convinced that I must try my hand at dyeing yarn.