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Hello Boys!

Greetings from DC - it was strangely warm yesterday, up into the 60's, but today a cold front is moving in and the rain will be turning into sleet by this evening. It will be a good day to be in my studio throwing pots!

Last night, I left my office in Dupont and walked to the metro, listening to Robyn ( on my iPod. I got down into the station, bopping along, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but...a woman standing and knitting. In the round. On four needles. In a cable pattern! I passed her by at first, but as it all hit me I turned around and took our my ear plugs and we had a great conversation! I told her how pleasing it was to see someone knitting down in the metro station in public. We smiled and said good bye. I got on my metro (very crowded) and after a few stops was able to take a seat. As we pulled out of Union Station, I noticed another knitter - working on an afghan that she had spread out over her legs as she knit away! I was so overjoyed. It just warmed my heart, twice in one evening, people knitting on the metro.

My best to all of you. We're having a wonderful time this season, the Best Beloved and I. We are moving towards simplifying: spending less, cooking more, knitting more, potting more, enjoying our friends. In these anxious time, may the peace of a winter sunrise rise in your hearts. And may we all knit more on the metro!

Jonathan in DC


It does warm the heart! Thank you for sharing this story. Enjoy the chilly weather.

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I used to be "that guy" that knitted socks on 4 dpns as I walked around campus to class. I held the skein in my armpit and looked up in between each stitch for a split second to see where I was going. Ah those were the good ole days (like last year...haha). Down here in Athens, Ga we hardly ever get wintry weather...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sleet here tonight. They keep going back and forth on the forecasts.
BTW...Throwing pots?! That's a hobby that I wish I had pursued more after my one year of ceramics in high school. One of these days...


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I knew that I was not the only one that did this. I have my yarn under my arm or in my bag, and I just walk along ignoring the strange looks I get. I am almost doen with my buddy scarf though, and it is a bit long to do that with.

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I tried knitting a scarf that was getting long while walking once...wasn't easy...until I figured out that I could throw the long end of the scarf over a shoulder.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Thanks for sharing. I believe this year there are going to be a lot of hand made items. Whenever I can sit down I do the same either crochet or knit.