Theodore's Sweater

I just completed my first puppy sweater. He wasn't too happy about me trying it on him, but we both survived. It was a really basic pattern, but I was really happy to have made it all the way through the project without dropping any stitches. A first for me!

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Theodore is adorable!.........................
Is he going to be a Westie when he grows up? I'm afraid that I don't have enough yarn, even in the stash, to make a sweater for our Golden Retreiver, Rio. To the contrary, I think that everything I knit has a little Golden in the blend.
Thanks for sharing the the pic!

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Topping off at just under seven pounds, Theodore is as big as he is ever going to be. He is a miniature schnauzer / yorkie mix.

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I have seen some awesome dog sweaters online ... from books that I don't have yet... sweaters with cables, sweaters in football club colours, sweaters that make the dogs look like dragons ... maybe I will find one of these books when I go home for summer/your winter next week and bring them back. If I do manage to find a good one, I could email a pattern to you. I'm at the same level as you are. I am new to this gig too. Just finishing my first sweater. My dog is freezing here (and me too) here in Istanbul, it will snow soon and he needs a sweater. Unfortunately for him, he'll have to wait until I get back from home in Australia before I can knit him up something. It snows seriously in February here, so I have a month I suppose.

Istanbul, Turkey


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Nice sweater and a loveable dog. If he is like mine, he rules the house.

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He may have given you trouble during fittings, but he certainly seems pleased to be wearing it!

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My first Doggie Sweater is actually my picture on the site. My spoiled Cocker thinks she is hot stuff when I put her sweater on.

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Cute sweater and the dog is just adorable! Great job!



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I made our italian greyhound a sweater a few years ago... I keep intending to make matching ones for both our almost-3-year-old daughter and our dog. Hasn't happened yet though - maybe this year.

Grace and Peace,

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Cute... I can't wait until after Christmas when I have time to knit for me...gonna make my dog Jet a new dog sweater.