Well, It looks like The MHK 2009 Calender needs some help. It has come to my attention that people have been bringing up the Idea for a Fitness Challenge. Maybe for the MHK2010 Calender.

So, here's your chance! I know everyone wants to be "calender worthy".

You may ask yourself, "Where do I begin?"

***First thing's first, Set an Alarm on your phone, or a time that you can keep, to do your workout. I have my Phone set for 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. THIS IS IMPORTANT, You want to be consistent.

Well, lets start with the basics. Pushups. I will get to Situps/Crunches, Jump-n-Jacks, and Running in a later post.


I know pushups aren't easy. But they are the number one task in the military. I used to only be able to to 1 pushup. YES 1 PUSHUP. Now I can do 70! Best thing to do is start with "Assisted" pushups, using your knees. It's also a good idea to fist your hands and work on your knuckles. If not, your wrists will begin to ache. It's good to do a Set of 3, starting with the Max amount of pushups you can do.

Lets say you can 8 assisted pushups. Then you set would look something like this:

Set 1 - 8 assisted pushups
rest 2 minutes
Set 2 - 6 assisted pushups
rest 2 minutes
Set 3 - 6 assisted pushups
rest 2 minutes
Set 4 - last set Max pushups, and really push it.

do this once or twice a day for 4 days. and rest...spread it over the week so you can get some rest in between.

Once you can get to 20 comfortable assisted's now time to move to Unassisted pushups. This will probably be your 3rd week.

BTW- Pushups works your Arms, your back, your shoulders, and cardio.

I found this site to be a real help. You can get to 100 pushups within 6 weeks!!!

and Here's a video that shows how to perform a correct pushup:

Let's get to it guys...I know you're ready!!!


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I know it's hard for one to start on something and stick with it. It is your job to HAVE A REASON TO DO THIS. If your reason to start working out, is to be on the calender, so be it. If you are doing it so that you can find that special someone out there, and impress he/she, great. If you want to impress your siblings in a battle of arm wrestling, then go for it. Just know, that you must have a means behind your task, or you just will not accomplish your goal.

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I had been doing so well at working out real seriously 3 times a week... and then Thanksgiving came. I decided to take a break and to start back up immediately after Thanksgiving...and it still hasn't happened yet. Gonna start today...maybe :-)
And lately I've done so well about not being the annoying kid that corrects grammar, but I just can't let your "impress he/she" slide. It should read "impress him/her". Ok...I apologize for that.


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I find it helpful to have a commitment to working out with another person. My partner and I are committed to 3x a week getting to the gym. When one of us is tempted to cut, the other is there to encourage/push. Works for us! Nice to see this thread. -John

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nice idea, does wonders, sculptures body... i need motivation to get a 6 pack. i got rid of stomach, now need to go the next step, the ultimate.
BTW i've copied your recommendations, so am thinking about depends on my time management in the new year... i cycle and go to the gym already... so these home exercises... will have to be a little thrifty with my time to fit them in... and crunches for the abs if I'm going to the ultimate body... all for the MWK calendar of course...ok ... there are fringe benefits from having a lovely body... :)
Istanbul, Turkey


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great thing about pushups..It's very time 8 pushups here...that's 10 seconds....later do 8 more pushups....another 10 seconds....seriously by the end of the will have done 100 pushups

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Thanks for all the info. I think I could actually try it! ... I just did my initial test.

Thomasknits's picture this MWK fitness stuff helped motivate me...Just got back from running 2 miles + pushups, crunches etc. Feels good.


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Damn now I actually have to do this.