On to the Next Part of the Men Who Knit Fitness Challenge - Jumping Jacks or Jump-n-Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a Cardiovascular exercise that I always begin with, because it's simple and it really gets you in the mood of working out. It starts up those endorphins and your heart starts pumping.

For a proper Jumping Jack, follow this links:

I like to do 100 Jumping Jacks before my workout , and another 100 after I finish my workout.

Do not overdo it, though. Jumping Jacks are meant to just get your cardiovascular system going.

Now if you're going along with the Previous Post, and you've set your alarm to a certain time. You would begin as such:

Alarm clock rings, you do 100 jumping jacks followed by your sets of pushups discussed. You will then proceed to Running and Situp/crunches, which we will discuss on a later post. Once you have completed your workout, do 100 jumping jacks. Or do what I do and max myself out.

Another form of the Jumping Jack that I like to do involves touching the ground in between each jump. For example: Jump 2 Down Up, Jump 2 Down Up. It really gets the heart pumping fast.

Hope this helps you out!

And lets get into shape for that calender!!!!


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I am enjoying you fitness suggestions... enjoying reading them... I'll start something like that next year... at the moment I'll keep doing my usual 3 times a week cycle to work, 8km up hill, going to the gym 3 times a week and walking my dog 3 times a dog... no I don't know why everything is in 3s... the other night sex was too ... now that was enjoyable... anyhow we were talking about raising the heartrate through physical exercise, not lust... as I was saying, I enjoy your suggestions and hope to take up the challenge. What's happening about the photos etc, was Darrell going to add something to this site? will wait and see :)
Istanbul, Turkey


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I usually do just a few jumpin jacks to warm my muscles before I stretch to go running...
Sex is such a great addition to any fitness program...burns so many calories, and with all you a great ab workout. I'll just say I burned a lot of calories last night...very enjoyable.


Jaredsfa2004's picture made me giggle... ;-)

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Oops...Sorry about that last comment. I probably got a little carried away. Ran 2.7 miles today. Longest I've ever run before.


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you'll have to add the MWK Physical Challenge - Sex

and tell us the many ways in burning calories...and those "thrusts"...LOL good positions...etc...;-) j/k, I just had to add that!!!

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TMI, TMI !!!

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You are such a tease! :-)

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Sorry :-)