AIDS Lifecycle

Greetings everyone!

My best friend, Frank Schaffarczyk, is participating in the AIDS Lifecycle fundraiser in which he'll be riding his bicycle 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Frank is also the other half of the dynamic duo which makes all the behind-the-scenes stuff of Men Who Knit happen. He helps me make lots of things happen. My grandmother refers to him as her step-grandson and she generally doesn't like people.

He's always doing something to help someone out and I thought I'd put his rider page out there as a way to show my support for him and the cause he's giving his energy to.


That's great news. Wow what a distance to ride! A colleague of mine is walking in Central Park & I sponsored him. We all have to do what we can to cure this dreadful disease.
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It's great to watch him train. He didn't even have his own bike before all this and now the boy can ride 70 miles and not be tired. He's working hard and taking it seriously. It's such a nice process to watch.

His mom is volunteering as a roadie and will be doing cleanup all week.

It's all very inspiring and makes me feel very proud of him. Oh hey guys, he's single, too ;)

Glad to hear people still remember how important it is to do everything possbile to beat AIDS.  Years ago I was actively involved in these sort of events having done 5 of them - the most exciting being a ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska.  The sense of community is absolutely incredible and you feel (at least for the 5 days or so) that everyone on the planet is working together to find a cure.

 Thanks for posting his page and I encourage everyone to support Frank.

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 Thank you for your generous support!  thanks to your help i'm almost at my goal of $5k!!!! I have to admit, with so many people out there who care (like you) it has been a pleasure raising the money. 



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Darrel, thank's for letting us know about Frank's participation.  That's an awesome endeavor he's undertaken and I wish him well.

2 of the best guys I ever knew died of AIDS about 5 years ago.  I think it's awesome that your friend is training and riding for the cause.  I wish him a good ride! 

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585 miles huh?  I couldn't even do one tenth of that anymore!  I wish him the best! 

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If someone told you that if you rode the 600 miles a cure to HIV/AIDS would be at the end do you think you'd make it?  There is a chance that it is there, that alone will drive me to the end.