OMG - I just saw the WORST MOVIE EVER

and strangely it had extremely well known actors in it, and I mean WELL KNOWN ACTORS, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gueller, Justin Timberlake and it was JUST BAD....LOOK INTO IT.... Southland Tales

here's the Wiki on it


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Sometimes good actors make bad movies. Usually having to do with fulfilling contract requirements.

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....and this is about knitting????

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it doesn't...but who says blog entries have to do with strictly knitting...and not the men who just love to knit?

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...if you look back over the four years we been'll see mostly knitting related posts...(which we appreciate) notable exception is when a member is in need of support and comfort...we care about one another.
Most of us value that the list doesn't have a lot of "chatter"....

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I guess, I will try to keep my "CHATTER" on the downlow.

But if you just so happen to see one of my future posts that doesn't seem to fit with knitting...just kindly overlook it and look for something else.

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I don't mind a little chatter, it makes for a more well-rounded, closer knit (sorry) community.

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I'm pretty sure that not every post has to be about knitting. One of the coolest things I've found since I started knitting seriously is that knitters have a lot in common...It's cool to just enjoy having new friends that knit.'d be surprised sometimes to find what things can relate to knitting...
Movies for instance: how many of us have found ourselves knitting along to a good or not so good movie?


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Wasn't Justin Timberlake wearing a really ugly acrylic sweater in this movie?

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well known doesn't neccessarily equal "good" ; and (not so) surpriseingly - assembling a cast of "names" can flop easily; especially if they skimp on the writing talents for the piece.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation