Thanks to those of you who posted in response to my beret question. While this pattern says it is a's probably more like a tam. Either way the recipient called today to say she loved it! I'm a bit late in getting the pictures posted because my mother is in the hospital at the moment. She fell and broke her leg and is looking at some time in a skilled nursing facility to heal. She's only 56 so believe me when I say that was a bit unexpected.

I hope you enjoy the beret pictures. The pattern can be found at and for the first time I think mine looks really good.

On a final note...I'm disclosing my New Year's resolution early...I will respond to at least 3/4 of the posts on this site. I really need to start responding more so that's it...respond more often.

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Wow, the beret looks great! I can see why your friend loves it. Great color choice!
Sorry to hear about your mother's fall. I wish her a speedy recovery.

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I am, likewise, sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she recovers quickly. Your tam is beautiful. I am a real fan. Great knitting.

The beret is great and the colour choice fabulous. Who wouldn't like it? Hope your mom heals quickly.

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The open work is what makes the Tam for me. Looks great! Hope your Mom heals quickly.


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Beautiful beret/tam, the color is great! Best wishes for your mom's speedy recovery.



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Your beret is beautiful. I'm not at all surprised that your friend loves it. Thanks for sharing, and here's wishing your Mom all the best for a speedy recovery. John

You did a terrific job. And kind and happy thoughts to you and your Mom.