Knitting for others....for once

Start: 27th November 2008
Finish: 10th December 2008
Needles: 3 mm - 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: GGH "Tajmahal"; 70% merino superfine virgin wool, 22% silk, 8% cashmere; Colour #1, Lot #18450
Pattern: "Ärmelstulpe" (Hand-Wrist Warmer) by Katharina Ritter for Lanaiolo
For: Tanja

So yeah, Dr. D and I were supposed to meet up with his friend this past Thursday, so I scrambled to finish up the arm-hand warmers - okay, I think I need to give it a working title for the time being....I think I'll just name the pattern "Belle"...yeah, I think that's good. So I finished Belle in time...but the meeting didn't take place. So, the pair is still with me.

I'm really happy with the result...although I had to fudge the thumb gusset a bit (you wouldn't notice if you're not a knitter).

And I know, my hands are just too nobbly for this kind of modelling. :-p

Lace Hand-Wrist Warmer, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Lace Hand-Wrist Warmer, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

The yarn is great to work with. The extra fine Merino is really soft to the touch. A dash of Cashmere added to the luxury and the Silk adds to the shine as well as giving the yarn strength.

GGH Tajmahal comes in a great variety of colours. Not the bright spectrum, but more sophisticated colourways. I think that this is due to the fact that you can't really dye silk and cashmere to spectacular colour that well. Nevertheless, I think that the colour palette for Tajmahal is just gorgeous.

Lace Hand-Wrist Warmer, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 12th December 2008
Finish: WIP
Needles: 3 mm - 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: GGH "Tajmahal"; 70% merino superfine virgin wool, 22% silk, 8% cashmere; Colour #12, Lot #21198
Pattern: "Aermelstulpe" (Hand-Wrist Warmer) by Katharina Ritter for Lanaiolo
For: Pernille

Since I haven't given away the first pair of Belle yet, I decided to bring it along to the latest Knit-Night last Friday at Lanaiolo to show the others. A friend tried it on and she kept commenting on how beautiful it is....

I seriously don't know what came over me, but I told her to go pick a colour and I'll knit it up for her. Now, this is something new...usually I hardly ever knit for anybody else. I always go by the motto of knitting first for myself and then for other people. But this time, I just said yes to it. I guess it was my own curiosity to see how the pattern would knit up in other colours.

Quite a few people have asked me for the pattern...but well, it's not mine. My LYS boss was the one who came up with it for a project she's got going. Eventually the pattern will be published in German....however, I talked to her already and perhaps we could work something out so that I could translate the pattern and then she'd put the pattern up for sale on Ravelry. Keep your fingers crossed then.

Start: 02nd December 2008
Finish: WIP
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Regia Silk; 55% Merino, 20% Silk, 25% Polyamide; Colour #050 (Dark Blue)
Needle: 2.5 mm Kingwood DPNs from Holz & Stein
Pattern: Upstream Master Pattern by Cat Bordhi in 'New Pathways for Sock Knitters'
For: Dr. D

Nothing else to tell, really....the socks for Dr. D are coming along well. Stockinette in the round seems to grow quick enough for my taste. :-)

I have to say though that I would have been happier with OnLine Silk instead of the Regia Silk. The OnLine Silk seems to knit up smoother, whilst the Regia Silk gives out halo and fuzz. Unfortunately, we didn't have any dark coloured OnLine Silk at the shop when I wanted to start the socks.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you all had a good weekend and great start to the week!


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Wow; gorgeous stuff! One of the things I really like about MWK is guys like you who are a few (well, many!) steps ahead of me -- providing wonderful incentive to learn more complicated and beautiful projects. -John

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Cool projects. It's so hard to spend time on something and then give it away. I sometimes get real attached to something that I'm making as a gift...but at least I know if I like it that much, then maybe the recipient will too.
Your hands aren't to knobbly to model...I have knobbly hands too; makes it hard to find rings that will fit over my knuckles but not be too loose.


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Those are absolutely beautiful, as usual!



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Those are beautiful. The yarn sounds wonderful to work with and I am sure feel. Keep us posted on your projects.

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'Squisita! I have had a bad knitting weekend, but now I'm re-encouraged.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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As usual, Emm... amazing! So, are we going to be hearing any more PodCasts coming our way?? My iPhone misses you!

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What a great job you have done. They really look amazing and I know that the ones you make for other will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.