Odd! Ravelry Button

I just noticed on Sunday that when I open Mozilla Firefox browser... the Ravelry logo appears next to both the Ravelry and the MenWhoKnit quick link buttons on the toolbar. Fortunately, I read as well as look at the pictures, but it seems odd.


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I am "icon-challenged" therefore tend to ignore all buttons, icons, etc, etc.

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I use Firefox too, and on my toolbar the MenWhoKnit link has the Flickr icon. It's been that way for months. I don't have any idea why exactly, except that there's no "favicon" for MenWhoKnit so I suspect Firefox just grabbed the previous favicon it had loaded and used it for MenWhoKnit. It seems like it started when Firefox 3.0 was released.

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I'm with Mario :)

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On my quicklink button on Firefox...MWK link didn't make an icon automatically, in fact...I was going to suggest they made one...all mine shows is a peice of paper with a corner folded on the right.

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Guys I made a Favicon of the MWK button, on at this link:

Click that link and when you see the Icon, drag it to your Bookmark bar on Firefox. It will link to that site, but you can change it by clicking properties and change the information there! It will look something like this!

From video

screen shot 2

From video